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Types of security personnel and companies
Security personnel are classified as either of the following

\"in-house\" or \"proprietary\" (i.e. employed by the same company or organization they protect, such as a mall, theme park, or casino); formerly often called works police or security police in the United Kingdom
\"contract,\" working for a private security company which protects many locations.
\"Public Security,\" \"Private Police Officers,\" or security police
\"Private Patrol Officers\", vehicle patrol officers that protect multiple client premises.
\"Parapolice\", aggressive firms that routinely engage in criminal investigation and arrests.[4]
Industry terms for various security personnel include: security guard, security agent, security officer, safety patrol, private police, company police, security enforcement officer and public safety. Other job titles in the security industry include bouncer, bodyguards, executive protection agent loss prevention, alarm responder, hospital security officer, mall security officer, crime prevention officer, private patrol officer, and private patrol operator.

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